Proxi 2D Multi-device 7.5W Charging System

Our wireless charging pad solution is the first resonant charging system capable of delivering up to 7.5W per receiver while also providing the ability to wirelessly power multiple devices simultaneously with full spatial freedom.

7.5W Wireless Charging Pad for Smartphones & Tablets

The Proxi 2D charging pad delivers the highest power in the industry – up to 7.5W per receiver for smartphones and phablets, expandable up to 15W for tablets.

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This enables efficient wireless charging of multiple types of devices at the same speed as a wired charger. By utilising our proprietary miniaturized wireless receiver technology, our advanced 7.5W wireless receiver can be integrated into the device without the need for thick sleeves or cases for smartphones, phablets and tablets.


In addition, our proprietary DHC platform and loosely coupled design allows for full spatial freedom for charging of devices in any location and orientation on the charging pad, providing the ultimate solution for convenient charging of personal electronic devices with thin form factors.


  • Up to 7.5W  power delivery to a single receiver.  This means power transfer can be adjusted to the capacity of the device – 5W for smartphones, 7.5W for phablets, and up to 15W for tablets.
  • Full Spatial Freedom, ease of use - devices can be placed in any location and orientation on the charging pad
  • One-to-one and one-to-many receiver configurations are supported.  This means that multiple devices can charge at full power, simultaneously on a single transmitter
  • Wireless Receiver is fully integrated into the smartphone, phablet or tablet - no added covers or sleeves
  • No interference with the operation of devices
  • Patented DHC technology for maximum system performance – the only wireless charging system that is capable of charging times equivalent to that of wired chargers
  • Autonomous optimization delivers maximum power and efficiency
  • The system has built-in foreign object detection so coins, keys, silverware, and other metal objects, do not overheat.  Remains at room temperature while on the pad and while other devices are charging
  • Advanced thermal management during charging – meaning no overheating.  PowerbyProxi’s system ensures that the main components of the device – the battery, back cover and LCD screen –  do not overheat or damage the device when streaming video/music during charging
  • Completely safe to use – PowerbyProxi meets all safety (RF exposure) requirements for safe operation of the device.

PowerbyProxi’s portfolio for wireless charging  includes complete solutions for semiconductor suppliers, OEMs and ODMs to develop and supply receivers integrated into consumer devices and transmitters for wireless charging pads.

Wireless Charging Applications

  • Ideal for use in the home.  Can be placed in communal areas like on the kitchen bench or coffee table to provide convenient charging of multiple devices.  Have a pad on the bedside table  - stylish design and flat form factor make it easy to place different objects and devices without having to manage unsightly connector cords.
  • Use in the office to have on your desk or boardroom table – enabling convenient charging so that your work phone is always charged and ready to go.

See our vision for charging in the home with our wireless charging solutions:

The clip below has our CTO and Co-Founder Fady Mishriki discussing the key features of our charging pad technology with Lucas Mearian from Computerworld:

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