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Our In-Device wirelessly rechargeable battery solution is defining the future of wireless charging in the home and office. With miniaturized Proxi-Fi receivers now available to be included in everything from smartphones to batteries, wireless power is becoming more pervasive in everyday life.

The In-Device charging unit is the world’s first wireless power transmitter station, which allows complete and total flexibility for the recharging of millions of electronic devices which use AA batteries.

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Any Proxi-Fi enabled device can be placed in the unit, regardless of position, orientation or the presence of other devices and objects – and it will simply begin to charge.

In combination with our Proxi-Fi enabled wirelessly rechargeable AA batteries, the In-Device solution transforms existing electronic devices like controllers, digital cameras, TV remotes, toys etc into wirelessly rechargeable devices by enabling for In-Device charging. In-Device means that batteries can be charged without being removed from the device itself.  When batteries are low on charge, simply place the complete device into the In-Device Charging Unit (Wireless Charger).

PowerbyProxi’s portfolio for wireless charging enables In-Device complete solutions for battery and semiconductor suppliers, OEMs and ODMs to develop and supply receivers integrated into consumer AA batteries and transmitter charging units.


  • Ultimate on Spatial Freedom- simply drop, stack or place devices anywhere in the box
  • In-Device charging capability with Wirelessly Rechargeable AA batteries
  • Simultaneous charging of multiple devices – remote controllers, cameras, headsets, toys, gaming devices etc
  • Charges all devices at the same speed as a wired charger
  • Charging unit can be designed for multiple sizes and looks, addressing consumer tastes and needs
  • No interference with operation of devices
  • Super low charging temperature
  • Completely safe to use
  • Patented DHC technology for maximum system performance
  • Recharging of wireless power devices in the X, Y and Z axis
  • Charge multiple devices at the same time in the same place
  • Enables in-device charging – no need to remove the batteries to begin charging


  • Ideal as the universal wireless recharging system in your home and office. The unit can sit on the coffee table in the lounge or by the T.V as a base to keep various remotes while ensuring they are always charged and ready to go.
  • Have a unit in the children’s room to hold their battery charged toys, or wherever you use multiple devices that use batteries.

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See our vision for wireless power in the home with our Proxi Smartphone Solution below:

You can see an interview with Fady below as he explains the In-Device solution in more detail to Lucas Mearian from Computerworld:


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