Miniaturized Wireless Receiver

PowerbyProxi designs and supplies the worlds smallest wireless power receivers to enable the highest level of user convenience for the wireless charging of everyday devices.

For wireless power to become the next killer feature in consumer electronic (CE) devices like smartphones, we believe that miniaturizing the wireless receiver so that it can be integrated into existing sub-systems is essential.

We started work on our first IC based receiver designs nearly 4 years ago, patenting significant concepts for the miniaturization of the receiver, while continuing to deliver the necessary power requirements. Over this time we have achieved important design wins from some of the largest CE device companies in the world, and continue to develop components to fit into smaller, slimmer CE devices.

Our patented technology is ideal for miniaturization as our ability to dynamically harmonize power load requirements from the receiver gives us a compelling advantage in the R&D required to deliver wireless power in small form factors.  Our current solutions include the successful miniaturization of wireless receivers directly into smartphones (removing the need for external cases or sleeves) and AA batteries.

In the future PowerbyProxi will continue to lead the way in the miniaturization and integration of the receiver into smaller and  more compact devices, including wearable technologies, to ensure that millions of everyday electronic devices can be wirelessly charged.

Applications for miniaturized receivers

  • Thin-form devices – Integrated directly into smartphones and tablets, removing the need for external cases and sleeves
  • Wirelessly Rechargeable AA batteries – receivers integrated directly into form factor of AA battery to transform millions of devices into wirelessly rechargeable products
  • Wearable Devices – receivers designed to fit inside even smaller form factors in the future, as wearable technology devices continue to proliferate.

Licensing Options

In order to meet growing customer demand to trial and evaluate our solutions, we are now able to offer a range of licensing options which will enable you to see the benefits of wireless power, and integrated wireless power and data systems in your own products.

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