In-Device Charging

PowerbyProxi’s miniaturised resonant wireless technology means that receivers can be integrated directly into AA batteries or even Wearable devices, enabling resonant wireless recharging of millions of everyday devices, without removing the battery.

Our unique Proxi-3D in-device charging transmitter is the ultimate in user convenience but enabling for the re-charging of millions of devices without having to remove batteries.  Simply place the device in our Prox-3D charging box or bowl transmitter and the battery will begin charging.



  • Retrofitting wireless power to any device that currently uses a battery brings the latest technology to millions of existing devices.
  • X,Y and Z charging axis of the Proxi In-Device transmitter is the future of wireless power transmission.
  • Become more power efficient and environmentally friendly with hassle free rechargeable batteries.


The most ubiquitous application of wireless power – any device with a battery can become wirelessly rechargeable.

Licensing Options

In order to meet growing customer demand to trial and evaluate our resonant solutions, we are now able to offer a range of licensing options which will enable you to see the benefits of resonant wireless power, and integrated wireless power and data systems in your own products.

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