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PowerbyProxi’s portfolio for resonant wireless power solutions enables battery and semiconductor suppliers, OEMs and ODMs to develop and supply resonant wireless charging solutions for both flat and irregular shaped electronic devices.

We design and supply receivers integrated directly into thin-form devices such as smartphones and tablets, along with transmitters which take the form of charging pads of various sizes. PowerbyProxi has also developed solutions for irregular shaped devices by designing receivers that are integrated into AA batteries as well as wearable devices.

Our transmitter designs are completely scalable and enable 3 dimensional charging of all receivers integrated into irregular shaped devices.

World’s best user experience for charging smartphones and tablets:

  • Resonant wireless charging
  • Full Spatial Freedom on the pad, no need for alignment
  • Simultaneously charges multiple devices at full power
  • Same speed as a wired charger 2D pad (4)
  • Scalable architecture for single to multi-devices
  • Uses the world’s smallest wireless receiver technology – no need to add thick sleeves

World’s first wireless charging solution for wearable technologies and devices designed to use standard AA batteries

  • Resonant wireless charging
  • World’s first wirelessly rechargeable AA battery – converts everyday devices into wirelessly rechargeable products
  • Uses the world’s smallest wireless receivers to fit inside a standard AA battery and directly into wearable devices without affecting size and shapeproxi-in-device
  • Devices charge without removing batteries
  • Full Spatial Freedom – devices will charge in any position and any angle of orientation within the charger
  • Simultaneously charges multiple devices at full power
  • Scalable architecture for single to multiple devices

PowerbyProxi offers Licensing Options for OEM’s, ODM’s, Battery and Semiconductor suppliers.

PowerbyProxi’s vision for wireless charging

The video below highlights just some of the benefits and advantages of resonant wireless charging and offers an insight into a world where wireless power is widely integrated into the consumer electronics around the home and office.

Resonant Wireless Charging

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