How much power can you transfer?

PowerbyProxi’s patented technology enables wireless power solutions for a range of real-world applications – from milliwatt (mW) for the smallest form factor, high volume consumer electronics devices to kilowatt (KW) used in mission critical and large industrial based applications.

Are there any health risks associated with this technology?

PowerbyProxi has conducted studies at leading medical universities and found no adverse health effects as a result of their wireless power technology. Each of our systems are tested against international standards that dictate maximum magnetic field exposure levels and all have produced results well below the allowable limit.

Do Proxi Wireless Power Solutions interfere with other electronic devices?

PowerbyProxi Wireless Power Solutions are tested against CE, UL and IEC standards. These standards include Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) testing to ensure that our products do not interfere with other electronic devices. The precise directives and tests are specific to the application of the Proxi wireless power solution. A list of these standards and directives is available upon request.

What are your off-the-shelf products and what do they cost?

PowerbyProxi offers several off the shelf products as part of our partnership with Linear Technology Corporation as well as standalone evaluation units for industrial applications.  We do not currently offer Consumer Electronics products for sale including our Proxi Smartphone Solution and In-Device charging solution.  Our industrial evaluation kits include the Proxi-Point™, a point-to-point stationary transfer unit, and Proxi-Ring™, a unit that supplies power to rotating, highly mobile industrial equipment. Quotes for these products are available on request. Learn more about Proxi-Point and Proxi-Ring.

What data protocols do you support?

PowerbyProxi devices offer wireless data transfer and wireless power. Our initial protocol was CAN-Bus and we have expanded to include Ethernet, RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, and PLC 4-20mA current loops. We can also support derivations of these protocols such as Profibus and Profinet. Additional protocols will be available in the latter half of 2010 as part of a new data platform, Proxi-Com™.

Is your IP patented?

PowerbyProxi holds an unrivaled IP Portfolio with 126 patents issued worldwide and over 900+ claims, making us the leading innovator and IP leader in the wireless power field.

Do you offer customized solutions?

Yes, PowerbyProxi can build a solution for your application or recommend an off-the-shelf model that matches your requirements.

Complete our Contact Form and we will be in contact with you directly on your best suited solution.

What is Dynamic Harmonization Control?

PowerbyProxi’s  patented Dynamic Harmonization Control (DHC) tuning technology provides significant advantages over other wireless power solutions. In response to environmental and load changes, DHC varies frequency dynamically. DHC achieves greater power transfer efficiency, enabling smaller receiver sizes and generating negligible electromagnetic interference, even as it allows greater transmission range.

Unlike other wireless power transfer technologies, DHC allows intrinsic power level management as part of the inductive power field, eliminating the need for a separate communication channel to validate receivers or to manage variation in load demand during the battery charge cycle.