Our Story

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic . . .”
- Arthur C. Clarke

Science v.s. Science Fiction

For most, the concept of delivering power wirelessly is the stuff of science fiction – but when Fady Mishriki and Greg Cross founded PowerbyProxi in 2007, their focus was to identify real world customer pain points and match them with a solution they could not deny.

Getting unplugged, getting rid of masses of cables under desks and in planes, trains, and cars has been the stuff of science fiction. But with companies like PowerbyProxi refining their passion and technologies focused on getting unplugged, this dream is becoming a reality. But what really is that reality?

Can wireless power be like wireless data? Can we walk into a room and instantaneously become connected to power just as we would connect to the Internet? Unfortunately no, that’s not the case. Anyone who claims this is possible simply is not telling the truth.

The laws of physics mean this is simply not possible. Wireless power is a proximity based system – to do things efficiently (and in a green world where we care about the efficient use of energy) power can be transmitted over a maximum distance of about 8 inches. So customer benefits and value have to be derived from within that fundamental design envelope.

With our unique Dynamic Harmonization Control (DHC) technology we are delivering innovative resonant solutions like the Proxi-3D In-Device Charging System which will enable us to charge any type of device that has our receiver integrated into it by merely placing it within the box in any position or angle. Its that simple and its our equivalent of the wifi modem.

At PowerbyProxi, we have delivered real world, science-based, resonant wireless power solutions since 2007. It all started shortly after Fady Mishriki and Greg Cross founded PowerbyProxi in 2007.  Soon after, in discussions during a meeting in Tokoroa, New Zealand, with a wholly owned subsidiary of John Deere, the PowerbyProxi journey began with the question: “Can you build us one of these?” To which Fady and Greg replied “Yes! – yes of course we can!”

What We Do

We work in close partnership with our customers to turn leading edge resonant wireless power technology into real world solutions to supply power to applications which are difficult or challenging. In short – we are unplugging the power cable.

Who We Are

Our team are some of the world’s leading wireless power experts in delivering customer applications. We are driven to solve real world problems where it is difficult to provide power and data connections in an efficient and reliable manner.

Meet the Management Team

Our Point of View & Values

PowerbyProxi is a technology company that is focused on providing real world resonant Wireless Power solutions to the market. We believe in the future of Wireless Power and we think it is paramount to enable this technology in a way that maximizes safety, reliability, efficiency, and value. We’re founded in New Zealand, and closely connected to the University of Auckland.

Wireless Standards

We believe that an industry standard for wireless power must ultimately deliver real, tangible benefits to consumers.  As a result we are committed to putting the customer first by using our expertise and IP to improve the functionality, interoperability and flexibility of existing standards until a unified standard emerges.

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